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Founded in 2012, BUREAU A is the association of Leopold Banchini and Daniel Zamarbide. Architects by training BUREAU A is a multidisciplinary platform aiming to blur the boundaries of research and project making on architectural related subjects, whichever their nature and status.
BUREAU makes things as an urge to react to the surrounding physical, cultural and social environment with a critical standpoint and with an immersive attitude. BUREAU is (in 2017) a furniture series, an editorial project, a design team. We are architects.
Bureau de Change was founded by architects Katerina Dionysopoulou and Billy Mavropoulos. Its work is a direct product of the founders' upbringing, passions .
Want to know more? Sign-up to our quarterly 'Bureau Bulletin'. Bureau of Urban Architecture Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved. Architecture Urban Design .
BAU is a multidisciplinary architecture and urban design practice that offers clients well-designed and environmentally-sound buildings and spaces. BAU also .
Architecture bureau DA is a young team from St. Petersburg, Russia, which has implemented about 80 projects in the field of architecture and interior design .
Bureau SRH is an award winning Architectural and Interior design practice based in Sydney, Paddington NSW Australia.

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