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a continuous, supporting surface extending horizontally throughout a building, having a number of rooms, apartments, or the like, and constituting one level or stage in the structure; story. a level, supporting surface in any structure: the elevator floor.
Flooring definition is – floor, base.. 2018 Work inside is underway; so far, five layers of flooring have been removed, including two of carpet and one of asphalt .
To lye on the floor after consuming a massive meal.. Top definition. After my sixth helping at Thanksgiving I had to do some serious flooring or I thought I .
Flooring is a material that is used to make the floor of a room.
Definition of flooring in the Definitions.net dictionary.. Information and translations of flooring in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the .
Define flooring. flooring synonyms, flooring pronunciation, flooring translation, English dictionary definition of flooring. n. 1. A floor. 2. Material, such as lumber or .
flooring meaning: the material that a floor is made of: . Learn more.
flooring definition: 1. a floor 2. floors collectively 3. material for making a floor.

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