Metal Air Grilles

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Manufacturer of grilles, registers, diffusers and terminal units and the flagship brand of Metal Industries Inc.
From the time J.T. Walker founded Metal Industries in 1947, we have been focused on. The USAIRE product offering includes residential grilles and registers, .
Linear air curtain diffuser, material: 304 Stainless steel. SteriTec-AL. Aluminum, Grille Mounted Opposed Blade Damper. Steel Plaster Frame for Grilles. PFA.
Steel heavy duty single deflection supply grille, 1/2" blade spacing, front blades parallel to short dimension. 300RS. Steel double deflection supply grille, 3/4" .
SteelCrest Gold Series Custom Metal Grilles and Registers. The Gold Series caters to all tastes, with an unmatched selection of designs, finishes, and custom .
Round exhaust and supply grilles in metal and plastic. Available with and. Filter Grilles. Return air FILTER grilles for residential and commercial applications.

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