Moving A Pool Table

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Method 2. Moving a Pool Table to Another House. Remove the pockets. Every standard pool table with have 4 corner pockets and 2 side pockets. Detach the rails. Free the felt. Separate the slate from the table. Place the slate in your vehicle. Remove the legs. Load the frame. Transport it to its new home.
Each one could weigh a few hundred pounds apiece. Detach the frame, wrap it, and move it to the back of the truck. Wrap the rails and legs, and move them to place on top of the frame. Any chip or dent to the slate can have an enormous effect on how the pool table is functions when it is put back together.
Moving a pool table is no easy task. When it's time to move your valuable table, call My Town Movers. We'll ensure your table is delivered safely and soundly.
Pool tables are incredibly heavy and surprisingly delicate, and moving a pool table requires both technical skill and lots of muscle power.
First and foremost, DO NOT attempt to move your pool table in one piece. The majority of pool tables are not designed to be moved this way. Bad things can, and .
Great Guys Movers helps you find a professional moving company to help with moving or transporting your pool table. A billiard table can weigh up to 1000 .

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